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In Which I Fall in Love...With Some Appliances!

A few months ago, I was looking at a Good Housekeeping article and saw this lovely retro stove. The ad said that the stove had all the convenience of a modern appliance but all the look of the 70's stove. I didn't quite believe it, but I filed the site away for "nice to look at someday." Well, I just got that out and looked at the site...and I am AMAZED!

They have the most lovely antique-looking stove, refrigerator and oven! Oh my gosh! You have to see this (it's not the best picture, but it's the best I could do right now):

That's a range and a refrigerator! To see all the features you can go to the website. The site is http://www.elmirastoveworks.com. I wish I could afford to have these things in my kitchen! They are the most gorgeous appliances I've seen in my life.

As a side note: etched  on the egl comm has been doing these LOVELY Lolita Zodiac pictures. I can't believe how creative she is with these ideas! I'm so excited that she's doing Gemini next, what I wouldn't give to have these on a T-shirt or something!
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In Which I Make a New Pen Pal and Gain Some Frustration

I made a pen pal today! I tend to be just a little scatty about keeping up correspondences, but hopefully this time I'll be able to do it well. I believe I have more time on my hands now. I was so excited to find that this girl is from the place where I served for a few months! I dug out my old dip pen, nibs and ink. I wrote a nice long letter (not very neatly--I'm out of practice) that took most of the afternoon. The interesting thing about dip writing is that it forces you to really slow down. You have to be concise and really consider how much you want to say in the letter. It limits you to a few topics, makes you leave others for later. It's nice because you don't end up revealing too much at once and then having nothing to talk about.

Last night I wasn't able to get to sleep. Seriously. I was soooo tired, but I couldn't sleep until about 12:30. Then I woke up at 1:30. Finally got back to sleep at 2:30, woke up at 4:00. So when I was called to get up at 5:30...yeah. Ugh. The energy-upping effect of the meds seems currently to be working on the wrong side of the day. XD Hopefully that'll even out eventually.

Anyway, the rest of the day was pretty much watching TV and crocheting. I'm working on an afghan that's taking a while...but it will be sooo warm and worth it! I did find the contact info for the guy who's supposed to be getting me my missing evaluations. I'm really frustrated because I was told to email him and I did so TWICE. Has he responded, even to say "I received your email and we're working on it"? Nope. I stated repeatedly in those emails that I needed these evaluations to get a job (or to even apply) but he can't seem to be bothered to reply. So I'm going to call him and very politely ask whether he received my emails and if he can help me. If he can't help I'll have to see if I can get a hold of the district to explain the situation. On the up side, I have another subbing gig on Friday. Yay, money! ^_^

Growing up is hard. *deepbreath* I can do this.

Oh, yeah, I also designed myself a new layout. What do you think?
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Oh wow! I LIVE!

I'm back! We'll see how long I keep updating this thing. I've never been very good at keeping journals, so hopefully I can get myself in the habit of writing in this.

ANYway. I'm on some new meds that will hopefully give me more energy and still help me handle my anxiety. So far they seem to be working pretty well, although I get bursts of energy and then a few minutes later I'm dead tired. XD I don't want to use any supplements for my energy...I'm a little leery of what they do.

Lately I've been having trouble sleeping (a bit more than usual). My mind won't shut UP! My body finally stops being dead tired around 5 pm and I'm suddenly not tired. Ugh. So then I have to take a sleep aid to help me sleep...and then in the morning I feel like I haven't even slept. This is not the way I need my body to work! Oh well, I hope it will get better.

I've been working on getting my application ready for the different school districts around. It's nearly there, I'm waiting for 2 letters of recommendation for my long-term subbing. I'm also waiting for a few of my Student Teaching Evaluations. They've gone missing from the site where they're supposed to be being stored. I've emailed the guy in charge and if he doesn't reply by Wednesday I'll call his office. Then I'll be all ready to apply for jobs! Woohoo! I hope to find something close to home, I don't want to move too far.

So...that's life right now. I've been thinking of trying to update my LJ layout...but I'm such a dunce I can't figure out how to do it. XP Meh.
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Just Great.

I don't want to be feeling like this. This is ridiculous. I can't let them ruin it for me...but now every time I look at my loli clothes I feel ill.

Okay, back up. I'll tell you all about it.

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Writer's Block: Forever young?

If you were forced to live forever at any age, what age would you choose, and why? What if your memories stopped at your chosen age? How would that impact your decision?

The memories thing is a little confusing. It could mean A) I'm choosing between knowing what I know now and having the experience I do and being able to go back to whatever age and keep that experience, versus choosing an age and going back and not remembering anything that happened to me this time around past that age (this is what I think it means, since after that you'd still be that same age forever, but you'd still experience things and remember), or B) A 20 First Dates (or whatever that movie was) situation, where you don't remember anything from one day to the next. Which seems kinda stupid to me.

So I'm going to answer as if it were A.

Which also sort of has two answers. LOL. What can I say, I'm an indecisive person! ^_^

The two ages I'd like to be would likely be 22 and 10.

Age 22: At this age, you're old enough to be independent and out on your own, get married (although you staying young while your family grows old would be a BIG bummer), whatever, but you're blessed with never getting old. And, I mean, in today's world of plastic surgery and stuff, you could celebrate birthdays and things and people really wouldn't notice you're not aging until your mid or upper 30s or so. You could graduate college, get a job, just about everything. I am 22 right now, so the "having to go back in memory and start over with the experiences I had at that age" wouldn't really apply.

Age 11: How awesome! You get the 12-and-under thing for life! Personally, the world would still count your years as they came, whether you're aging or not. I watched a video about some people with a disorder that keeps them from aging outwardly, and they still went to college, still had driver's licences and stuff. They got bugged at times because they got thrown out of bars (I don't go to bars) or were caught driving or with curfew or something, but I'd just have to make sure to have my ID with me and a medical record of my age at all times. Maybe a birth certificate? You'd get to be the kid wise beyond their years! Even if I had to start over with the memories I had at 11, I think I'd be okay. It would be a little harder, because I'd have to learn all those lessons of adolescence and college and stuff again, but eventually I'd learn them. The only thing that really gets me hung up with this one is that dating and marriage would probably be out. I mean, unless I were crazy about pedophiles. I might find someone eventually that loved me for my personality, but if we got married (I know this sounds really weird), let's face it: Sex would be awkward. Come to think of it, puberty started for me at 11, once that process is started (the hormones have started coming and stuff), would the not aging mean it never got finished? In some ways that's a good thing...Anyway, so I'd probably get pretty lonely eventually.

So now you have my very weird and deep thoughts. XD
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Writer's Block: Top ten playlist

What is your top-ten song list? What was it when you were a kid? Is there any overlap?

This is a hard question. Music is really my life, so choosing only 10...gah.

I'll try.

1)Enjoy eet! This is from some Disney movie featuring some French guy whose name escapes me and that girl who played in the old Parent Trap and Pollyana. What was her name again? Anyway, the hokey accent and message of optimism never fail to cheer me up.

2) C'est La Vie by the PGSM crew. I know, nerdy, but this song always gives me a pick-me upper and the first song (barring Tentomusi no Sanba) I ever learned in Japanese.

3) These are the days. Great song about helping others and where we're eventually headed.

4) What Heaven Sees in You. This one never fails to make me cry. It's based on a painting called "Three Dresses," which depicts a blessing (erm...not sure what another equivalent to this is...First Communion? No, I think that's older...um...baptism? For babies? Ergh), a baptism (8 year old, maybe First Communion?), and a wedding dress. It basically talks about the stages of life and becoming the person that God sees in you. Wonderful.

5) Appalachian Snowfall. The only reason this is lower on my list is because I can't sing with it. But it is SO beautiul and the tempo moves wonderfully.

6) If I can't Love Her from Beauty and the Beast. So beautiful to sing along to.

7) Either One World or Someday by Celtic Women. Both wonderful to sing with, great messages.

8) Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace. This was some "saint" or another's prayer, I think...maybe Paul? It is a beautiful piece my All-State choir sung and brings back great memories. It also is a good reminder to forget yourself and work for the Lord and others.

9) Go On or Disengagement by "Brooke Curtis". Shameless self-promotion, these are unfinished songs I wrote back in the day, but I still love them.

10) The Spirit of God. A beautiful hymn of the LDS church. I love it.

Wow, that wasn't so bad! Keep in mind these aren't ALL the songs I like, just the ones that come to mind as being songs I never skip past.

When I was a kid:

1) The Baby Busy Box Band by Joe Scruggs

2) ...

I really don't remember. I listened to a lot. I remember listening to a lot of Joe Scruggs and Aesop's Fables by the Smuthers (or something) Brothers. There was this song a group and I sang at the opening of a new wing of a hospital and it srsly drives me NUTS because it was beautiful and I loved it but I can't remember the whole tune or how it starts. The only part I remember is...

"...So many people helped us,
So we can find our way.
We thank you for the time that you take
Each and every day
To help us

Follow our hearts,
And follow our dreams.
Never give up no matter
How hard it seems.

For we are the future,
And we were blessed to lead the way...
(And two more lines that I can't remember)"

Great, no? I think I remember this part because it hit me hard. I remember looking at my mom in the crowd (I may have been 10, maybe a little younger) and just bawling during that part because I was so grateful to have her as my mommy. I still am. Grateful, not bawling. Okay...well, maybe bawling a little....XD